A cloud-based HIPAA compliant interpretation scheduling system.

Purpose built for the interpretation industry, the HIPAA Health platform is designed to provide focus, bring visability, and simplify the interpretation scheduling process and workflow.

Blockchain backed technology via a shared ledger, permissions, consensus, and smart contracts


The client platform.

Web and mobile responsive, the client platform integrates with the Admin platform providing tools and insights relevant to the client's workflow.


The control center platform.

The Admin platform is the heart of the HIPAA Health scheduling. A robust scheduling management process allows for quick fulfillment and client responsiveness. Analytics and invoicing completes the full life cycle.


The interpreter platform.

Web and mobile responsive, this application allows control over the visability of protected health information (PHI) on the contractor end. Allows the contractor to accept or decline assignments through the app or email.


  • Email
  • SMS
  • Voice
  • Microservices

HIPAA Compliance

  • Secure Sockets Layer/Transport Layer Security (SSL/TLS)
  • 100% AWS cloud hosting
  • 100% Encrypted data in transit
  • 100% Encrypted data at rest
  • Automated daily database backups
  • Disaster recovery via AWS multi-AZ
  • Complete auditing trails via Blockchain technologies


  • Robust
  • Secure
  • Blockchain Ledger
  • Audit trail


Ben Kruger, co-founder
  • More than 20 years of technical experience
  • 10+ years as a technical leader for successful start-ups and small-medium businesses
  • Start-up to exit veteran
  • Business focused w/strategic tech utilization
Lauren Do, co-founder
  • 15 years interpretation industry experience
  • Deep understanding of agency level processes
  • Continuous exposure to client and contractor needs